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Federal Direct Access Expositions

The Federal Market Leader of Quality On-site Expositions
Saturday, September 26th, 2020 - 4:21 PM

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Federal Direct Access Expositions

Federal Direct Access Expositions are the most successful tabletop, on-site technology expositions in the federal market and the number one choice of vendors who sell to the federal government. Our expositions have been one of the most effective ways to bring IT vendors together with IT personnel from military and civilian locations for over a decade.

History & Background

  • Began production of Federal Direct Access Expositions in 1994
  • Immediately established reputation as the quality tabletop producer in the federal market
  • Top management has been involved in production of successful federal IT shows since 1984 with over 40 years of combined experience

Why Exhibit in FDAE's?

  • Foundation and reputation built on the highest quality tabletop shows available
  • FDAEs are always sponsored by an internal government/military organization - lending the highest credibility and importance to each exposition
  • By producing a manageable number of shows per year, (less than 20) FDAE focuses on each show as a major base/agency event
  • Vendors are guaranteed a large audience of qualified federal IT professionals at each show
  • There is no "rolling the dice." If it's a show produced by Federal Direct Access it's going to be a productive, quality program - every time
  • With security at government buildings and military installations at an all time high, our programs will give you access to those sites and make the most of your valuable time
  • Designed to be simple and very cost effective, there is no better way to reach federal and military IT personnel than through Federal Direct Access Expositions

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