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Fort Drum Sustainability Expo

Event Location: Watertown, NY [The Commons]
Event Date/Time:  Wednesday, September 11th, 2019 / 0930-1330
Event Details:
Join us on September 11th, 2019 at Fort Drum for the 6th Annual Fort Drum Sustainability Expo. The Fort Drum Sustainability Expo is a tremendous opportunity to interact with key personnel from the organizations and commands that makeup this very important army installation. Network with personnel from 6 major units, 28 military tenants, and 10 civilian tenants. The event's focus is to support Fort Drum's mission readiness, soldier health and safety, sustainability initiatives, and heighten awareness of sustainable procurement compliance requirements, benefits, and the resources available to Fort Drum purchasers. The Environmental Quality Control Committee, including leadership from the 10th Mountain Division and the Garrison Command, will be in attendance and co-locating their quarterly meeting. In 2018, Fort Drum issued over $58M in contracts for construction, supplies, and services (up $18.4M). Contract Corp of Engineers contracted over 32.9M, MEDDAC spent $25.1M on supplies, equipment, and contracts, and NAF spending was over $1.97M. Hosted by Directorate, Public Works, Environmental - the Fort Drum Sustainability Expo can accommodate up to 35 vendors, so make your plans to participate and make contact with 100-150 personnel that you cannot reach any other way. Vendors will feature products and services including: Recycled content products, Biobased products, Energy efficient products, WaterSense products, Environmental services, and Products and services that support Fort Drum sustainability initiatives.
   FDAE Exclusive
Event Host:   Garrison Command/DPW
Annual Attendance:   125+
Vendor Cost: $595 [US Dollars]
Vendor Instructions: Not Applicable

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