Scott AFB Technology Expo

Event Location: Belleville, IL [The Scott Event Center]
Event Date/Time:  Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024 / 0900 - 1300
Event Details:
   FDAE Exclusive
The Annual Technology Expo for Scott AFB is THE way to make contacts and inroads with personnel from this important air force base. The 2024 Scott AFB Expo will be promoted to HQ AF Air Mobility Command, US Transportation Command, AF Communications Command, DISA and over 40 other tenant commands! Over 200 attendees look forward to and attend this expo each and every year. This is always a MUST DO Show for a very important Air Force site that always is a highly interactive program. For procurement, May/June are the most important months of the year at Scott AFB. With high demand for this event the facility will fill quickly. It's important to secure a space well in advance for this event to avoid the wait list.
Event Host:
Annual Attendance: 200+
Vendor Cost: $975 [US Dollars]
Vendor Instructions: Not Applicable

Shows that are exclusively offered by Federal Direct Access - will be the only technology expositions hosted and/or scheduled for these locations for the year.